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How much do "Physical Scientists" make?


Physical Scientists make about $88,470 annually. The hourly wage is about $42.53. In the united states, the employment rate of Physical Scientists is about 1.779 per thousand, with a total of 253660, Physical Scientists. Check out the more info about Physical Scientists salary below.

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Physical Scientists

  • Hourly wage: $42.53
  • Annual wage: $88,470
  • Employment per thousand jobs: 1.779
  • Employment in the United States: 253660
  • Occupation code: 19-2000
Astronomers and Physicists
    Hourly wage: $42.53
    Employment per thousand jobs: 1.779
Chemists and Materials Scientists
    Hourly wage: $42.53
    Employment per thousand jobs: 1.779
Environmental Scientists and Geoscientists
    Hourly wage: $42.53
    Employment per thousand jobs: 1.779

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